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mask says..

I'm a fashion item

All face masks of 'mask says..' are intended to be the latest fashion item, both for men and women. These little gems should be worn to cover the nose and mouth with different selected layers of textile.


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100% handMade in Belgium

mask says..

I'm not FFP2/FFP3

All face masks of 'mask says..' give a similar protection like any decent textile would do, but are not FFP2 or FFP3. They do are washable and made with different layers of fabrics.

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Shape M3

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LONGMASK / for the bearded ones & ORIGAMI MASK / for the creative ones 

New model:

Mask Says.. cover it!

To cover your disposable (surgical) masks or contain another filter material, we designed the mask cover. Avaible in different fabrics and prints, they add some personality to the standardized masks. #masksays #coverit#wecoveryourmask

Starting from 15 Euro

Newly added:

silver fox (m)

view from above (m)

colour splash (f)

fata morgana winds (m)

the hills of hollywood (m)

my seventies soul (f)

a green deal (f)

black to reality (m)

special fluo edition 1 (f)

saved by the bell (f)

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