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mask says .. 'go for zero waste'
all our fashion face masks are made out of residual pieces of high end fashion textiles and are a fashion item. 


mask says .. 'ceci n'est pas un masque'
all of our face masks are 100% Made in Belgium. 


mask says .. 'don't go copy paste'
all of our face masks have a distinctive pattern we designed ourselves. Days of fitting and adjusting has gone into the design process. In the online shop we have various distinctive versions avaible.


mask says .. 'YOU are YOU' 
all the masks avaible in our shop give suggestions so you can decide upon your preference, but prints/ colours can always slightly differ. By the way; we don't keep a stock of face masks so they are custom-made for you. Yay!


mask says.. surprise surprise
all of our face masks are reversible! You can always choose one upper layer yourself, but the other one is a little surprise.


all of our face masks can be worn both by women and men. Just the straps around the ears are made bigger for men. 
If you think you have a special built, we advice you to contact us for further information.


some of our masks can be made with an extra layer of  Non-Woven Fabric (TNT). This fabric is water repellent but let's you breath through.


all of our face masks have a small opening to put a cotton cosmetic pad or bendable filter material inside. This way you can add your own additional layer. You're not obligated to do this, so you can use the opening as a piggy bank as well.


all of our face masks need some tender loving care as well, but are perfectly washable. We do advice you to wear differents face masks to extend the lifespan of your item.


now that you know how it's made, go find your favorite mask and match