All fashion face masks of Mask Says.. are made of high-end fashion textiles. 
Some fabrics are thicker then others; lightweighted fabrics have an extra indication on each product page.

Scroll down and find out more about the different materials used when making your custom-made fashion face mask.

Relief (3D)

Relief fabrics have a three dimensional effect by the special way of weaving in different layers. 

Lurex (shiny threads)

Lurex is a type of yarn with metallic apperance. The yarn is made from synthetic film, onto which a metallic aluminium, silver or gold layer has been vaporized. "

Non-Woven inner lining

Between the layers of fabric we insert a lining. This is an inside layer of special fabric that provides a neat inside finish. In addition, this creates an extra thin layer to your mask.

Non-Woven Fabric (TNT)

The Non-woven is a material made ​​of fabric-based polypropylene which has, among its main features, the characteristic that they are non-toxic and semi-permeable. This fabric let's you breath but is water-repellent / waterproof.


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