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for the ones who like some colour:

jupiter storm

I can be a superhero

fata morgana winds

honey to the bee

blooming blue days

dancing in the twenties

for the ones who like a distinctive print:

blue skies in the savanna

the hills of hollywood

tiger king

view from above

travelling without moving

you come and cameo

for the ones who like them soft tones:

field mouse jazz

open that rusty gate

flowery footprints

galapagos summer vibes

read between the lines

jeans del rey

the papyrus edition

I zig when you zag

for the ones who like it glitter and glam:

fuxia box desires

black box desires

flowers on ice

blue box desires

kawaii xoxo

for the ones who like black & white:

off-white between the lines

black to reality

my seventies soul

silver fox

at dawn look to the east

for the ones who like patchwork:

dabedee blue

cameo poster boy

mosic madness

puzzle me back together

for the ones who like to cover it:

mask cover 3

mask cover 4

mask cover 1

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