silver shine sweetness

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For the ones who like it refined and shiny.

Personalised from us to you!

Mask Shape M1 / M2 / M3 / M4 / M5 ?
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Product Information:

+ Yellow, white and silver
+ Shiny threads
+ Personalised / custom-made
+ Reversible 
+ Opening to put filter inside
+ Elastic straps around the ears
+ 100% Made in Belgium

Main picture: 
Showing shape M1

Material use

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To custom-make this item, high end fashion textiles are used. 
The above pictures give suggestions so you can decide upon your preference, but prints may slightly vary in position depending the piece of fabric.
The exact colour of the selected fabrics can slightly differ depending the technology you're using. 

Care instructions

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This item is machine washable for refreshning and cleaning.
We advice you not to use fast rpm.

 30 minutes at max. 60°C and a normal laundry detergent = A OK

Return information

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This product will be custom-made for you. We keep in mind the specifications you have given us. We will collect your specified fabrics and make the product after you have succesfully gone through the order and payement process. Returns are not applicable to this product. For more details and information we advice you to read our Return Policy and Terms and Conditions.